When using Good Breeders, you can bid with confidence knowing your pet was raised by good breeders that have been vetted for practices, and we will hold payment till delivery is confirmed.  You don’t have to worry about scams while using our website. All of our sales have a 100% buyer protection guarantee. 

Avoiding Scams:

According to the BBB (better business bureau), 24% of ALL online scams reported came from pet sales in 2020.

  •  Avoid Facebook groups for sales as many of these sellers are known for taking deposits and disappearing. *Any profile that has only been created within the last few months is almost always a scam
  • Always ask to see the mother of the litter and rest of the litter mates. When a seller only has 1 baby from the litter for sale and no mother to show-off, they probably have been supplied by commercial mills in various communities.
  • Don’t buy your pet from overseas.   It is enticing to pay less and ship from far away, but the breeding practices and ethical treatment of these animals should come first over the price.
  • Don’t buy dogs and cats from pet stores.   It is well known that pet stores often purchase from commercial pet mills and remove the babies from their mothers before they should be.  The babies are then left in the store for weeks or months and don’t always get the proper care and socialization. Many states have already begun banning stores from selling dogs and cats, and hundreds of local municipalities across the country have done the same.

 #1 thing to look out for is “a deal too good to be true”.  Ethical breeders will spend $1000’s of dollars on each litter for testing, vet care, food, etc. When you factor in the time and energy spent caring for the litter, breeders often make less than min wage.  If an animal is listed for an extremely low price, please take caution! The probability you stumbled on a scam or a commercial mill operation is extremely high.

 Getting a “good deal”  upfront usually means more health issues and vet costs over the life of the pet.

 Get to know your breeder first, and bid with confidence here at GoodBreeders.com