About Us:

GoodBreeders is a family owned organization focused on stopping puppy mills, stopping online scams, and encouraging good breeders to connect with loving pet owners.  That’s why we’ve built a platform centered around transparency, background checks, and good breeding practices .  Pets aren’t property, they’re family, and need to be raised with love and respect.  We are committed to bringing families together to share in the love animals bring to our lives. 

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 Our founder, Michael, started with one female French bulldog named Karma.  He loves her as a parent does a child, and she’s still the center of his world to this day.  His love for her and eventually her puppies led down a path of learning about the world of breeding, and taking on the GoodBreeders.com project to solve all the issues he saw in the industry.  As a licensed auctioneer, he understood that the auction model could help so many issues in the breeding space by bringing actual transparency to the process of adding a new family member, and helping shut down puppy mills and scams in the process.  By combining breeders with good breeding practices and the auction model, Goodbreeders.com was born.  We invite you to join our family and through our site add a new family member to yours.   Thank you for your support and always know we’re here to help put pets first and match them to the perfect forever home. 

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